New Mexico Bridge is a New Mexico Behavioral Health Services Division initiative.

The New Mexico Bridge Project is a state-funded initiative which seeks to support hospital-based EDs across the state in establishing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs for opioid use disorder in the acute setting (ED, hospital) with a bridge to community partners to continue treatment (medication and therapy). 

This project is led by experts at the University of New Mexico and Presbyterian Health System and under the guidance of New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Services, to expand access to buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder in the acute care setting, with a focus on hospital emergency departments.

The New Mexico Bridge Project is based on an Implementation Team which is comprised of addiction trained specialists, nursing educators, billing expertise, and grants support. Our team works collaboratively with hospital and ED leaders to establish a state-funded budget to support the project, develop an implementation plan, establish protocols, provide education (e.g., X-Waivers, stigma/harm reduction training, nursing-specific training), and support the hospital and ED leaders every step of the way. Through the NM Poison Center, we also offer 24/7 addiction medicine telephone support in which you can contact an addiction specialist with clinical or technical questions. 

Meet Our Implementation Team

Snehal Bhatt, MD

Clinical Director for Behavioral Health Integration and Education

Margaret Greenwood-Ericksen MD, MSc

Engagement and Dissemination Director

Leslie Hayes, MD

Clinical Director of Women’s Health and Obstetrical Care


Director of Clinical Implementation; Co-lead for Statewide Infrastructure Development

Julie Salvador, PhD

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Sally Wait, BSN

Director of Community Outreach

Brandon Warrick, MD

Director for Statewide Infrastructure Development; Co-Director of Clinical Implementation

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