Socorro General Hospital

Socorro, New Mexico

Socorro General Hospital | Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Located in Socorro, New Mexico, Socorro General Hospital is a 24-bed, critical access hospital and regional medical center that offers inpatient and outpatient services to the communities in areas of Socorro and Catron counties. Click here to visit there website.

Hello my name is Joshua Lopez, I am an ER nurse and I have been working in critical care for 7 years. I have a checkered past that that involves drugs, gang violence, incarceration, and addiction. I am grateful to be where I am today and I don’t take it for granted. I was introduced to drugs at an early age and statistically speaking I should’ve been dead or in prison. I continue to challenge myself to be all that I can be to make a difference in this world by sharing my story of recovery and showing compassion in the areas serve. I attended a class provided by NM Bridge that shed light on the major problems we face in the opioid epidemic. I appreciate the science that was presented about how addiction can progress into a disease and how treatments for this disease are available. Also, the stigma following addiction which was presented in the class brought forth a different perspective about how we can work together as healthcare professionals to improve quality care by adjusting behavior toward drug abuse and addiction. Having lived the life of an addict, I appreciate that this class can help change lives by helping medical staff understand addiction as a disease. I believe this class helps us move in the right direction in bringing awareness of treatment options for people who struggle with opioid addiction.  

Joshua Lopez | ER Nurse